2016 travel safety reports and 2017 ease of doing business report are we really making progress?

in November 2016 a twitter user tweeted.
In the travel industry? The @mytravelrisk widget allows you to provide branded travel safety reports to your clients pic.twitter.com/ox79XwPKfa

— Ryan Cummings (@Pol_Sec_Analyst) November 29, 2016

since then not much can be said to have changed about Nigeria, we are still peddling the same wheels without change. has progress been seen? only the masses on the street can answer this question and mind you their lips are dry and their hands filled with blisters.
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this week opened up with so much noise about the recent  publication by the  world bank suggesting that Nigeria has made progress in regards to “the ease of doing business”. this development they said was as a result of the radical reforms implemented by the government, people where or rather are happy that business registration will not take as much time as it used to be among-st other reforms. but does the travel statistic above still carries those red types in 2017 ? how will it affect the decision making of potential investors?

claims have been proposed some even adopted about the nature of the country and how it is not conducive for foreigners wanting to live or do business in Nigeria. most of these claims are damming and somewhat true but it is important to know that Nigeria has 36 states and a population of 170 million so it is impossible that 90% of Nigerians will be kidnappers,criminal,terrorist etc.
the narrative is unfair to us.
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