African fashion: Loza Maleombho a majestic african designer whose design can match with the best of the best

On our watch today is the amazing Loza Maleombho
From the beautiful country of Ivory Coast
This designer was born in Born in Brazil but she grew up inbetween Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire (West Africa) and Silver Spring, Maryland (US). Maleombho started showing a flair for designs at the of 13 at that age she was able to design for her mother, her aunts and her own school uniforms.

Maleombho studied animation the university of arts, philadelphia and graduated in 2006. In her quest to she improve on her designing strength, she moved to New York City, where she interned for designers like Jill Stuart, Yigal Azrouël and Cynthia Rowley. In 2009 she launched her self-titled label. Presently operating from her native country, Loza has proven that she is a force in africa’s fashion industry.

Maleombho’s designs combines a fusion of the Ivorian tribal aesthetics with New York’s urban fashion her style of combining futuristic cuts with american pop fashion gained her the opportunity to style beyonce.

Loza passion for africa and it’s potentials fuels her drive, According to hautefashionafrica.comLoza Maléombho (the brand) is produced in a small manufacturing workshop in Ivory Coast. She hires and empowers young women from unfavorable backgrounds. Her ties to the West African country can also be seen in the details of locally manufactured indigo-dyed fabrics, jewelry, shoes, and accessories”

The designs above are what she called the alian edits and she had the following to say about the motivation behind it.

“My aim is to raise awareness of things I believe in and let other people express their beliefs too,” Maléombho explains. “It started after Ferguson. I was in New York and felt a wave of deep frustration and depression. Those events were degrading for me on a personal level. I had to do something positive that would cultivate pride in order to stop those feelings from eating me up. My first selfie was of me wearing a crown of flowers, which evoked a sense of royalty and elegance.” In no time it had 70,000 notes on Tumblr, which she admits was “mind blowing.”

When asked about her motivation the designer said;

“I wanted to create something meaningful that would have a social impact in Côte d’Ivoire”

She also said that;

“I want to do an Alien Edits exhibition, a coffee table book and expand my workshop. But I like that everything is happening at an organically pace. Everything is still considered, I’m being discovered, and that feels great.”

Even though her growth is organic as she made mention of, note that the industries fashion trends setters have had eyes on her, one may think her base of operation may do damage to her design outreach but as it has already been proven, good things finds its way to those who are worthy of it.recently One of Loza’s work was featured in Beyonce’s formation’s video.

While talking about her recent upward progression, Loza said that;

“The scene is beginning to thrive and I’m seeing a few young designers who look interesting,” she says. “But my clients don’t tend to be local. They are well travelled women who aren’t afraid to make a statement with their clothes.”

To compliment what she said also wrote that;

Women like Solange Knowles, who spied her on Instagram and became one of her biggest fans. She’s also been identified by Vogue Italia’s Scouting for Africa initiative, participated in H&M’s Closing The Loop recycling campaign and is stocked at concept stores around the world including Sincerely Tommy in New York, Alara in Lagos and Merchants On Long in Cape Town. What’s next?

Smtalking about her intention,the designers said that “My intention was to create clothes with authenticity incorporating a mix of modern and traditional elements that women from around the world could identify with it.” this amazing designer has come and long way and it does not look like she is stoping anytime soon. Check her out using the additional information below

Additional information.

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    Côte d’Ivoire

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  • Social Networksfacebook: Loza Maleombho, Twitter: @LozaMaleombho , Instagram: @Loza_Maleombho

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