A Rihana Documentary On The Way

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apparently the life of singer Rihana has been documented and is slated to hit the cinema pretty soon this information was made available through a published interview on  Slash Film.com the interview which featured filmmaker Peter Berg who promoting his   his new movie Mile 22.

it was reported two years ago that Berg  was selected  to create a documentary about Rihana‘s life, which was scheduled for a 2017 release which obviously did not happen

but when he was asked in the interview  Berg said:

“I think she’s an extraordinary young woman and it really is kind of a pretty comprehensive profile of what goes in to making her this talent that she is.”

Berg was able to give fans a time frame to expect this documentary  “in about a month and a half, two months”.

The promotional material for the documentary, released early on promised that the documentary will be an “unfiltered look into Rihanna’s life and how she’s ascended to become a global icon”. possibly we might get the chance to get into Rihanna’s head and know more about Chris brown from her perspective. that is if any element of her time with him is used.

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