Amazing paint by Adeyemi ramon

Art is something africans know how to use to express themselves, every art form utilized by an africans is majestic, even when they were not entirely trying to be artistic. mesiums all over europe are filled with art works belonging to africans which were stolen from the continent during the time of europe’s invasion of africa.

Our main focus of this post is not to rant about the the stolen art owned by africans by it’s colonizer, rather the focus is on the amazing Nigerian painter known as Adeyemi ramon. We will like to talk about him and what his recent work means to us.

Like I said, africa is blessed with amazing artisans whose work goes from beautiful paint impression of the normal daily routine to amazing sculpture showing might and power.

Adeyemi ramon is a professional artist whose skills in painting is amazing , he works with omolaja ARTS production.

His painting was presented at the recently concluded online art exhibition bangiya kala kendra Mumbai India. He calls the painting OMI OBI (which means kolanut river )

His kolanut river painting expresses a deep signature of the African man’s daily routine, it represent the wishes made every day and the reality one has to live by every day. The painting is beautiful and colorful yet speaks of the pain and hardship well understood by africans.


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