“Anthony Joshua” knocks out “Povetkin” 1min 59sec into the 7th round

The close contest boxing match favoured Anthony Joshua after he sent his opponent crashing with decisive straight right hand and left hook.

Steve Gray the referee for the boxing contest stopped the match one minute and 59 seconds into the seventh round.

This Victory sees Joshua extend his unbeaten professional boxing record to 22 wins from 22 fights, with 21 knockouts, in front of his English home crowd and fans.

In a remark after the game he told sky news that;

“Povetkin is a very tough challenger and he proved it tonight,”

He went further to say that he came to have fun and do what he normally does in the gym highlighting why he won he said ;

“I realised he was strong to the head but weak to the body. “I got my knockout streak back, I found my right hand again”

The 39-yr-old Russian challenger was a good contender for the title but Joshua proved why he is the champion once more..

Fury a boxer also from UK did not hesitate to say how he feels about Joshua and his victory as he wrote on one of his social media handle

“It’s all right fighting men (who are) 39 years old (who are) half your size … tonight is pure evidence I’m fighting the best heavyweight out there in Deontay Wilder”

remember Anthony’s promoters opted out of an agreement to fight wilder for the Russian a move that made people think Anthony was afraid to fight wilder. The boxer went on to write that;

“Joshua’s not even close. He’s slow, methodical, ponderous at times. Powerful, yes, but they all are. “If I was you, Joshua, I’d avoid me because I will jab your face off, you bum … I’ve never seen a bigger bum in my life.”

Mean while days before the boxing match Anthony’s customized car worth over #150.000 was stollen footages of the theft has been released to the media and the police are already running an investigation to catch the thieves.

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