AS Roma Is Considering Opening An Academy In Nigeria

AS ROMA has announced through its pidgin English tweeter handle that it is considering opening a football academy in Nigeria, this development comes as a result of the clubs attempt to diversify its fan base and business reach. the move is also geared towards finding and nurturing young talent from the west African country because of the wave of talent floating the football scene in Italy from the country.

read the tweet for your self

???? Belle dey sweet us for #ASRoma as we announce say we don chook biro for paper wit Naija Football Federation sign three years partnership. ????@theNFF ?? @ASRomaPidgin ?? @NGSuperEagles

a number of European clubs presently  own academies in Nigeria  notably we have  Barcelona, Real Madrid. etc  with AS Roma trying to join the list it is believed that the club is looking to run the academy hand-in-hand with the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF)”  so if this eventually materializes, young talents will be discovered and the chances of playing in top clubs is almost guaranteed provided the player is good and dedicated.

it has been report  that an officials from the club met with NFF officials in other to to sign a three-year partnership with the federation, it is expected that AS Roma is to help out in the development of young football talent in the country through the academy.

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