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Poetry : as we lay here

Hug me in this sweet deceit,
As we lay here in this sheet
Of nylon, silk, and nimble feet,
Reason bears no single fit,
We collide in the storied sweet,
 I kiss your full-on pouted lip,
That’s sweet as cakes sweetened tip,
You roll your tongue just as deep,
Into the void of my hastened sleep
Where you cage me to this lust-filled heap.
You kiss me back into the bliss
Of lust inertia in a kiss,
The naked dream I dare not miss,
As I journeyed through your naked split,
Dreams recede to life’s grand show.

We tremble in our unclothed thrust,
The push and pull of our livened trust,
The sweat drips forth, and counters dust,
Till it finds us deep and seated in this lust,
Of tired moans, and lotioned thighs.
We are lusted high in deep release,
The sweetened blow reaches a crescent lease,
Stars flung far now must show,
The glow and seat of calm and please.
We roll over side by side to our unease.
We are strangers still here,
The sweetened dread has long been pulled,
Little scrapes of memories and hair,
Tips the tales of our secret lair,
But the scars never left there.
I felt it straight in the narrow way
We love to love until we are lust,
We lust in love, until love is lost,
We take the most until we must
Face the gourd and drink the day.
When love has laid its final straw
And our war is left to the last draw,
We laid here calmly chasing glances
Of the withered hope of our murdered love,
Staring at what used to be
Then you talk
And I talk back
You push
And I push back,
We are warriors still
But the war is past our pill.
As we lay here
Wondering how and where,
We stilled love’s reasoned step,
By wading into the lair,
Were you the one?
Were you?
We are love deep until we are lust
Skin deep in naked lust,
Lost in lust,
The love we knew was the lust we lost,
We are only lovers when the naked comes.
Then you said “hi”
And I said “Hello”
We made a few words past the moans,
The thrust faded into trust,
Now we must make the most of our time.
As we lay here
Threading our dreams
I hold your hand
You hold mine
The sun smiles past our open view,
We have finally found the truth.
We are lust until we are found,
By love’s eternal bond,
The pulses race not for the time,
But for the moment out in the sun
And the day we will say I do.
I’d find you
As you lay there
I’d make you beautiful
You’d make me too.
We are only as good as the feeling we give.

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