Black face & 2baba finally reached an agreement.

It is embarrassing, but Publishing right is one subject matter Nigerian musician are only catching up to,when in other parts of the world song writers and musicians are making money on songs they have written for other artist or for themselves , over the years we have been hearing rumours and seeing social media battles between black face and 2baba the fight was about the song “African queen”. this would have been an avoidable conflict if both parties had done what is right by ensuring that the publishing rights where labeled accordingly.

black face had over the years maintained that his song which he originally wrote for the group the where both part of was used without him being properly credited for it, black face was also facing a defamation law suit by 2baba and his manager “efe” their suit was not far from the fact that black face called them thieves for using his songs and not properly acknowledging his creative input. In a statement released after a meeting that took place when they decided to take an out of court settlement black face wrote the following

“I am a human being and a Nigerian who fights for his . The problem with many of us is that we are afraid to speak up for what is right or defend the truth when we know it. No be say i too talk my people but I’m just trying to inspire somebody or ‘trying to make common sense’ like Mr Ben Bruce would say
My people “Don’t sleep on your rights” and users of peoples works make sure the writers/contributors are credited properly
When you speak out, things happen and that’s why I said I will be done with this issues this year 2019 and behold here we are… I can say that the 50 Million defamation suit filed against me by Mr Innocent Idibia aka 2face and his manager Mr Efe Omorogbe has been settled out of court as they both have withdrawn their case filed against me
It’s true that they sang my song without permission and truly it pissed me off, but that doesn’t legally make them thieves as the lawyers made me to understand
Sometimes the words we use matter, that’s why I apologised for using that word when my lawyers advised me…Finally they admitted they made mistakes with my songwriters and publishers rights which they should have informed me before but they never did ,they have promised to rectify them so we wait and I hope they honour this this time and furnish me details to that effect .
To all my fans, friends, family ,followers and #BFNNation Thank you all for your support I O U guys a big concert #BFNLIC1
Can we now go back to the music ?The #album #risingsun soon be available ✌”

What will really make sense out of all this is if black face, 2baba and face do a project together. I mean these cats are old, and it appears the younger generation don’t care about them anymore, 2baba is still considered the legend but when have we had a reasonable song from him? Same goes for his former band mates but imagine a comeback and an album. They can set the industry on fire if they want to, and by the way as it seems, if 2baba needs a hit song, he has to hit black face upπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that one is for sure, for black face since the bitterness is now out of the way I believe music should be next on his agenda. for face well I like the guy so i won’t bad mouth him haha……..