Can the nigerian influenced “Abioye the earth bender” make it as the next avatar instalment ?

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Marcus Williams a true fan of the avatar series has gone a step further to suggest what the next avatar instalment should look like and he indeed cut the timing perfectly (right when black panther is still fresh in the minds of the people , Williams comic work came with a well grounded description of the characters especially the earth bender character.
For instance, he wrote on his website that

“the gold that adorns his wrist and clothing are not just for show as it is Abioye’s constant reusable ammunition as he travels from adventure to adventure. Similar to the metal benders of legend, he can instantly mold he gold into any shape or construct he needs. The most noteable difference between the two types of metal is the pure worth of gold in nearly all economies that Abioye travels to. He can either choose to be inconspicuous by hiding his gold and walking among common folk as a peasant, or carefully slice thin pieces off it to live in comfort with all the amenities of a prince.

Abioye the Earthbender

Synopsis from his website stats that,

“A hundred years have past since Avatar Korra. From the lush jungle lands of a hidden continent yet to be documented on any known map comes rumors of a powerful young earth bender named Abioye.
He lives his life on the run as he is a coveted prize of the ruling Earth bending King that resides over the lands for his unprecedented ability to bend gold. Why run from a life of luxury and riches for all your days you ask? Simple, Abioye dreams of traveling the world and using his gifts to bring fortune to downtrodden lands under oppression from selfish and greedy rulers.
It isn’t long before his abilities become famous among his neighboring lands and he is tested by random lost sailors from a distant water bender tribe and is told that he is the next incarnation of the Avatar. As this amazing news spreads, the King already in hot pursuit of him, decides to spare no expense on a full on country-wide man hunt to capture and own Abioye for himself.
Now equipped with the proper incentive, Abioye happily begins his journey to other unknown lands with a greedy king on his heels”

Already I am seeing business prospect should Nickelodeon decide to key into this idea and make this a reality we are looking at another billion dollar investment profit.

The expression of Africa is quite pronounce in the comic work and the usage of Nigerian names is quite commendable I think he is strategic with this piece of work I only hope it works out great for him meanwhile can we start a campaign so that this might be considered ?

Source : Marcus The Visual

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