check out this Graphite and pen on chip board art by “Julius Ikechukwu Frederick”

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anything positive out of Nigeria catches our attention,  and we are always happy to share, so while going through series of post on face book i stumbled on an art shared by Jessie Sekyen Wilson  “When Julius Ikechukwu Frederick asked if he could sketch this picture of our children I really didn’t know what to expect. When I saw the finished work i was totally blown away by his creativity. We really do like it and it has beautified our home even more… Well done!”

seeing the caption and the picture attached to it, i got instantly attracted to the art and decided to share with you. but before then i went to Julius Ikechukwu Frederick’s  timeline since he is not a friend on Facebook that was when i  saw these pictures he had captured  and shared on Facebook. they were pictures of his progress as he drew.

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the drawing is beautiful especially the colors he added to the mix, i wanted to know how it was done so i went further and just a post away i stumbled on my answer. “Something a lil bit out of my usual, a combination of graphite and pen on chip board. Still working though, can’t wait to have y’all see the finish” 

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these children look beautiful by the way, what do you think of this art/ share with friends and family and lets hear you thoughts.

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