Kids Fashion: Check this knitted baby shoes and teddy bear made by a Nigerian lady.

Making your child look stylish is as important as feeding them because everyone likes to see a cute and healthy looking child, so just last week I was on social media disturbing every lady on my list when I came across this fantastic designs by the pediatric nurse friend of mine. I was taking by surprise by how cute those little things looked so I decided to share the Baby Fashion

I told her to permit me to make this trend because it is an open market that needs to own but she told me she likes being a nurse and maintaining the two will be hectic .

I told her we will make potential customers know that aside making this adorable stuff she is also a nurse serving humanity. And I told her am her manager now I will even pay her bride price if need be 😝

She is from Kaduna state and was brought up in jos but presently works in Niger state Nigeria. This 27 year old nurse has brought a different approach to making children look stylish and happy.

Please let’s make her trend if you like what she is doing plus she pretty too

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