China/US Trade War: Huawei’s CEO Says his company has a Back Up Plan

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Huawei’s ceo Mr Ren, in an interview with a CCTV journalist made it clear that Huawei is not going to disregard US-made chips despite the on going trade battle between the two countries. This statement is coming at a point when the power tussle between the two countries is intensifying. Mr Ren insinuated during the interview that He does not see the on going trade battle between China and America as something that will affect his business, but he did say that he has plans for rainy days.

“We will grow together, but in times of difficulties in supplies, we have backup plans”, he told journalists.

Also reported that Ms.He Tingbo, CEO of Hisilicon Semiconductor, a chip company under Huawei, recently said in an internal letter for the employees that Hisilicon is launching the “prepared tires” program to help Huawei stay afloat.

Going further, Mr Ren said “The US temporary ’90-day license’ doesn’t mean much to us. We are fully prepared, but we are very grateful to American companies. They have made a lot of contributions to us. Many of our consultants come from IBM and other American firms”


just a few days ago, Donald trump the leader of america signed an executive order prohibiting companies from buying or using telecommunications equipment dimmed to be a national threat, this move is considered to be a direct swipe at China huawei a company considered to be leading in the 5g network race. already, companies like google Panasonic and a host of other companies are reviewing its relationship with the Chinese telecommunication giant.

Considering what is at stake for america Donald trump’s actions might or might not be a step to the right direction. But one thing is clear though trump is taking this trade battle to the next level.

We will keep an eye as the drama on folds

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