China/US Trade War: Reasons Why Trump Banned Huawei

There was an executive order from the office of the american president banning the use of Telecom equipment considered a national threat, huawei as it is has been singled out to take the hit eminating from the power tussle between america and china.  This turn of events can be attributed to the fact that huawei is now the leading telecommunication company when it comes to how far companies have gone in their quest for 5g network. you might ask what is their about the 5g network that every one is going crazy about,

well it is believed that when when the 5g network becomes fully functional, it promises to transform lives, it is expected to go as far as bursting the technology for driver-less cars. the network is believed to be 20 times faster than the 4g network, it is believed that a typical download that would take a 4g network 6 minutes to conclude will only take a 5g network 3.5 seconds.


So here are three  reason why we think Donald trump banned huawei.

  1. there is  genuine concern that China could use the new technology to spy on internet users and can switch of the flow of data easily if it wants to. Knowing that America has been in the business of spying on the world , the thought that China might have that kind control is extremely baffling to the american government.
  2. another reasons for the ban might be the 3 million jobs the 5g network world have created if huawei was an american company.
  3.  also it is estimated that about 500 billion dollars is at stake for america  if China eventually  takes the step before them, remember when 4g was rolled out america got a whopping 100 billion dollar burst to its GDP so it does explain why trump is going all out on the Chinese government and companies.


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