Deion Sanders: Jackson state messed up, coach prime was right

The head football coaching position at Colorado state university is officially  Deion Sanders new primary assignment ,  Sanders affiliation to  Jackson State as  head coach came to an end After his Jackson State football team defeated Southern 43-24  to capture the SWAC Championship for the second time in a row at Veterans Memorial Stadium,

Sanders informed the football squad at JSU that he would be leaving to take the head coaching position at the University of Colorado. Deion Luwynn Sanders Sr., who was born on August 9, 1967, whose also also known as “Prime Time” sanders is a discipled couch who believes progress comes with sacrifice and sacrifice comes with determination, in his career as a athlete , he played for the Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, and Baltimore Ravens during the course of 14 seasons in the National Football League (NFL).

the offer Sanders received  on December 5th from the University of Colorado says that, he will be adequately compensate so also his assistant coaches.  According to the terms of the agreement, Sanders will make $5.5 million in his first season, with a base salary of $500,000 supplemented by $1.75 million for radio, television, and other public appearances, another $1.75 million for promotion and fundraising, and a final $1.5 million for “development of the student-athlete.”

that is to say By 2024, $5.9 million would have been earned, followed by increases to $6.1 million, $6.3 million, and $5.7 million in 2025, 2026, and 2027. sanders would also have a $5 million salary pool for his assistants and any support staff.

it is believed that It is the richest financial package ever handed to a CU football coach.


As a senior sanders took home the Jim Thorpe Award Sanders while he played college football for Florida State, we can go on and on about this amazing athlete and wont be able to exhaust half of it in this post. but know that In 2011, he was admitted to both the College Football Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
he is The only athlete to play in both a Super Bowl and a World Series, he won two Super Bowl championships and made one World Series appearance in 1992. Senior Deion Luwynn Sanders (born August 9, 1967) he also played outfield for the New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves, Cincinnati Reds, and San Francisco Giants in Major League Baseball (MLB).

as new details continue to be filtered out over the transfer saga his decision to take on this new challenge is well within his right. a supporter of the coach wrote that

“I have so much respect for Prime. He is such a good man. He put his money where his mouth is, he asked all the “celebrities” to jump in on the ground floor of building up a HBCU and got no help or support. He did all this while keeping a good attitude and diligently working to make an impact. Deion is helping boys become men, teaching them about building character and good life lessons. I pray he gets his perfect opportunity and is blessed beyond his wildest imagination!”

Also someone who seemed to be an insider on what seemed to have transpired between the coach and his former place of assignment had the following to say.
“have worked all the JSU home games for the past 10 years and there has been no better years than the past 3 years during that time. I’ve toured the facilities before Deion was coach and after. Him using his own money and using his contacts to help better the facilities was something he shouldn’t have had to do. Games were sold out and attendance was very high. Traffic on game days was out of control and the school had no effective plan to deal with it. The leadership at JSU has been horrible. Let me ask this one question to the haters, if I steal from you and you know it how long do you let me get away with it before you say something? But this man didn’t say anything negative, he just kept on pushing through. One of his son’s vehicles was broken into when they first arrived in Jackson. Deion offered a reward to get the belongings back. For all of you who hate on this man for leaving and calling him a sellout how much money have you contributed to JSU? STOP PUTTING THIS MAN DOWN!!!!!”

watch the video bellow for much clarity on the said matter.

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