Depression – Symptoms and causes (know your mental health)

Clinical depression or Major depression is the  type of depression that controls how you feel and and behave. With clinical depression, there are physical and psychological symptoms you need to look out for, these Symptoms are.
    • the patient will have Trouble concentrating in class, church, at work and even at home”
    • Shift in Behavioral pattern, The patient will easily be agitated, There might be excessive crying, expect irritability from a depressed patient,
    • The patient can or always will socially  isolate themselves from things the used to enjoy doing or people, they stay away from people the use to hang with
    • Remembering small and major details become a problem for the individual.
    • The  Feeling of worthlessness, the patient might feel their life adds no value to peoples lives.
    • helplessness, the patient will feel there is no help for them etc.

    • The person suffering from clinical depression will appear Restless,
    • The will loose interest in sex, spots or any other physical event they use to love.
    • Persistent loose or having no appetite for food.
    •  lack of sleep, excess sleep, early awakening  are also considered symptoms.
    • Some go as harming themselves with objects

Causes of clinical mental illness 

There are biological, psychological and social elements that can cause depression,  generally a person gets depressed as a result of changes in brain function. For example a happy kid can suddenly become heavily depressed because he is getting bullied at school,
An adult might become depressed because he or she can not met up with the family needs.- Past and present physical, sexual, or emotional abuse

– Death or a loss of loved once.

-Genetics (inherited mental disorder)

medical advice 
For people going through this kind of issues, medication and talk therapy are the two treatment suggested, and there are medical personal who are trained to suggest what treatment best suits a patient. You can always check your city and see who is offering the service that will help you fight depression..If you have someone who has opened up about being depressed, try as much as you can to be there for them, offer them friendship and not advice on how to live their lives, try as much as possible to listen rather than criticize.check out this website

and these website for professional help and guidance

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