Did Eminem Challenges André 3000 In His New Tweet ?

Marshall and Andre used to sit for hours and exchange lyrics , what that means is the intellectually test each other while having fun with it. In a recent tweet, it appears Marshall wants a repeat of that, Andre had earlier on revealed that he and Eminem used to have this sort of sit down where the exchange lyrics and ideas while he was as Ric Robbin’s broadcast check out the tweet from Eminem.

Marshall Mathers (@Eminem) Tweeted:
“ in a new tweet , the kids that sad, the shit that’s drab and flavorless…” you’re up, André! https://t.co/qCuHEMYJPA https://twitter.com/Eminem/status/1208118388645650439?s=20

in a way this most be an attempt to motivate the atlanta rapper to get back to the studio because andre did admit he was not feeling motivated to make new music. We just hope this will metamorphosis into an album project, it sure will be a schooling for other rappers by two of the greats

You can check out a portion of the interview where he talk about his inability to be motivated to make new music through this link

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