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Download All The Little Lights. Poetry Collection By Elijah Peter


Download the pdf format of “The Place Where My Heart Is” here

read two from the 16 poems and if you like them then download the pdf on the link at the end of the post 


Let the honey run forth, The tenderness of your lips. My hands will caress, Its sticky slime. And I will taste its sweetness With my searching eyes. Tongues run around,
Your touch ignites. Clear as the day, You’re desire’s song.

Can we lie on the sight, Of the morning sun. The waves of your body, Sway with mine, Water down the dry home, Let me return to paradise, A due conversation, You sparkle in the rift, I lay with you, We are one under the sheets, Of desires song that still plays

I drift, To the sweet nectar of your day, You’re the flower that draws the bees, Buzzing, You wave the scent of every lost sin. Cage me with your smile, Enslave me with your kiss. I am the child of desire. Caught up in reflections of you.


Now and then, We know not when, Where time will be, What fate are we?

We are sun in vow, We glisten free, We know it now What shade we’ll be.

The mirror, the case, The brush, the stroke, A smiling toward the amiable chase, That love is all the hallowed smoke


The spasm The cull, The chasm,
The call, Of your sweet voice.

There are six shades of the beauty you are, The first is the heart that is art, Fine lines and reflection, The spot of infinite hope. The second is the mirror, Calling back to you, Seeing that you’re true. The mirror nudged the truth, You’re only as beautiful As the scars that made you.

The third shade Is time, Made in earnest For souls that meet, The bitter sweet enchantment Of now and then The fourth is hope For the things that we know today, And the phase we see tomorrow.

The fifth is the route Of love’s perfect muse The sudden glow of youth, The purity of truth.

These shades all carry depth, Shallow as no river that flowed. We are, Young and naive, To the sudden spark of the grave.

The six shade is you, As all that time could see. The fog deepens the sea, Water thread no hidden scheme. We carry forth, All we made. We are only as beautiful As the memories we make.

Every shade you are is love. We are love as true As the words we’ve been through.

do you want more there is a collection of poems in pdf format hit the download link below if you care.
Get the pdf file here.

 and anticipate a song letter today!!!!

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