Eminem’s Ex band (D12) mate Bizarre buys him a cool birthday gift “check it out”

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Real name Rufus Arthur Johnson he was born on July 5, 1976 Bizarre, is an American rapper, best known for being a member of D12 a Detroit -based hip hop group which Eminem was a member.

The group was one of the best underground hardcore group from Detroit with members like Mr. Porter, kuniva, Swifty Mcvay, the late proof and Eminem.

The had chart topping albums like “devil’s night” which was released in 2001 and D12 world in 2004. The name “slim shady” is an alta ego Eminem had when he worked with the group, they all had alta ego’s when ever it was a D12 thing.

Eminem recently announced his exit from the group through the song “stepping stone” which he apologized for not trying enough and also blamed the rest for not doing enough to keep the group relevant. Note that the group started becoming less active With the death of “Proof” in 2006 so it is safe to assume that he might have been the glue that kept the men together and Eminem was in no way capable of doing so because he had a flourishing career and the the group D12 had to take the back sit. Take a listen (stepping stone )

At least its not all love lost for the group or some members of the group as bizzire sent a surprise birthday gift to Eminem he posted a picture of the shoe and wrote.

happy birthday @eminem they on the way… s/o to @snuggs_kicks for doing hella job . #eminem #d12 #bizarre

Also the rapper has suffered from drug addiction and addiction to proscription pills, he cites Eminem as a motivation for his efforts to stay clean. Check the video below and hear for yourself.

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