Faiq Bolkiah, The Footballer Who is Richer Than Messi & Ronaldo

For some people football is not just a game, it is an expression. they use football to express themselves, such can be said of faiq Bolkiah nephew to the sultan of Brunei who is worth an estimated 20-billion dollars. Faiq’s dad a prince is said to be a big spender with speculations that he owns about a thousand automobile and a list of other luxury  items to his name, he is known for his lavish birthday celebrations and a host of other frivolities rich men are known for, but then his son is an interesting case study.

faiq is a 17 year old footballer playing for Leicester city ( he is in the reserve team, he has not played for the senior team yet) he is currently the captain of his national football team.

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picture from Chelsea fc when he played with them for about a year

Even though faiq is yet to feature for the senior Leicester city team, faiq is enthusiastic about his future as a football player In an interview, faiq said;

“I’ve played football since as early as I can remember and from a young age I’ve always enjoyed going out on the field and find the ball at my feet- my parents have always been supportive in helping me achieve my dreams of being a footballer,

In 2013 faiq was granted trails by arsenal football club but ended up signing with Chelsea and then he moved from Chelsea to Leicester city after a year. Faiq is the captain of the Bruneian national team born 9 may 2000 in los Angeles united states.

even though his wealth is not entirely from football he is considered the world’s richest footballer ahead of Messi, Ronaldo.  and possibly the worlds richest sportsman and he is just 17 which means he still has grounds to cover lol…if i was him i will just buy a club and play in the club and also be the assistant coach as well not that ma opinion matters hahaha

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