Fashiom: Ami Doshi Shah, one of Kenya’s finest jeweller and applied artist

The African jewelry industry is artistic by all standards and tries to be as natural as possible, the materials used are materials we find around us and are easily accessible and sometimes won’t cost much to get. But what these artist eventually do with is is amazing. A case in study is Ami Doshi shah jewelry brand which has gained international recognition.

According to the information on her website, Ami Doshi Shah is a jeweller and applied artist based in Nairobi, Kenya. She was Trained at the Birmingham School of Jewellery, and has been the recipient of the prestigious Goldsmiths Award for Best Apprentice Designer UK & The African Designers for Tomorrow Award. She has showcased her jewelry at numerous fashion shows

What is instrumental about shah is her technical know-how and an obvious curiosity about local materials which she uses to create sculptural pieces.

She works with semi-precious and bi-product materials,

According to nairobifashionhub

“Her aim and objective is to put a highlight on the beauty of local materials Her most notable work which is tagged Salt of the Earth, explores the complex historical, political and material properties of salt, which has had a profound impact on Kenya’s landscape and history

Being that her decipline includes applied arts, sculptural pieces naturally became her segnature style, shah considers the natural beauty as an inspiration According to…… Shah works with semi-precious and by-product materials to amplify the raw beauty of locally sourced materials

shah’s work as a jeweler is inspired by tribal talismans, the tribal talisman are made from local materials and crafted by hand. This kind of fashion though abstract gives

You can get your hands on the standout accessories in her Nairobi studio space or by-appointment boutique.

Check her website for more information.


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