Fashion: Amazing mother and daughter clothing by ms. Azella

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Adanze Njoku, CEO of Izella Kids Couture pupularly refered to as ms azella is an amazing fashion designer whose focus is on ball dresses for girls, she is by far the biggest brand out and her dresses attempt to give kids the princess look , she also makes clothing for mother’s to twin with their daughters.

While searching for more information about her business, we stumbled on some well made clothing on Instagram , this outfits were specifically made for a mother and daughter outing, the dress speaks grace and elegance something azella has perfected.

The dresses tend to showcase a Cinderella atmosphere for who ever is wearing it, most of her dresses are filled with flowers and are mostly made out of African themed fabrics.

This brand of fashion design has come to stay with people like Adanze in the picture, there are many reasons why I would say this brand has come to stay but one of it will be that this brand understand the need or the importance of a fullfiled dreams, this brand offers mother’s and daughters a chance to slay as the angels that they are.

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