Fashion: “MAXHOSA AFRICA” One of Africa’s Number One Knitwear Brand.

Laduma MaXhosa
country : south africa
Instagram :@maxhosa

MAXHOSA AFRICA; is a Knitwear fashion company founded in 2012 by Laduma Ngxokolo. It is located in South Africa, the brand draws inspiration from the Xhosa rite of passage, “this rite of passage is the Xhosa initiation rites into manhood” according to maxhosa he loved “the sense of charisma the Xhosa initiates carried after their initiation, and he was looking forward to being an initiate myself,” this passion towards the tradition is what propelled him to become one of the leader of the world brand.

the fashion brand is uniquely spectacular for its impeccable fashion solutions in the field of knitwear, the brand has generated a hug following around the globe including some black panther actors..

Laduma pointed out that proir to becoming a fashion design icon in south africa and the world, he wanted to know how can the traditional Xhosa aesthetics be interpreted into contemporary knitwear for Xhosa initiates? this he tackled in his thesis which was meant for for his BTech degree.

according to Laduma, his passion for knitwear form of clothing began since childhood, it started when he took up art as a major subject and learnt knitwear at a very young age.

Laduma says that his late mother who was a knitwear designer in the 1980s inspaired him to venture into the business of knitwear. Not only that, he also had a supportive teacher at Lawson Brown High in Port Elizabeth where he leant textile design.

looking at the brand today, it becomes clear that Laduma was able to create premium knitwear that celebrates traditional Xhosa aesthetics, he was able to explore astonishing Xhosa beadwork, and reinterpreting it to modern knitwear.

Being that fashion resonates around women Laduma said that he view women and how the respond to fashion, he also said he believes that the personality of women is the foundation which thy use to express themselves, the use of colours, shapes and patterns in fashion play a vital role in how women feel as well as what they seek to express.

He also mentioned that he felt like there wasn’t justice done to the Xhosa people and their beautiful traditional

“there hasn’t been a globally-esteemed flagship [project] that says we are the Xhosa people, we’re beautiful … we are African and proud.”

Looking at how far he has gone, we can say he was able to to do just what he set out to do because his clothing have and are being worn by celebrities such as Beyoncé and Alicia Keyes and a whole lot others within and outside Africa.

In an interview he granted, the designer said that;

“What fascinates me the most is not that we dress the celebrities but that we dress the ordinary people across cultures in South Africa. Some of my clients are Basotho, amaZulu, vhaVenda … We’re trying to position ourselves as an African brand, not only for amaXhosa.”

to lean more and make a purchase head to the companies website

for those within proximity, you can get yours at the flagship stores, Based in Johannesburg, Newton Junction Mall and at the Mall of Africa.

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