Fashion : Ugoh Monye And Ebuka had An Amazing 2022

  • It appears Ugoh Monye and Ebuka had a blast this 2022.

Ebuka and his long time collaborator are steady setting the trends, remember we were first introduced to Ugoh Monye when Ebuka stole the show during Banky w and Adesuwa’s wedding, since then it’s been a flourishing relationship for this two , Monye is amazing with thematic designer whose vision is tailored for the taste of the royals. while Ebuka wears them effortlessly. Monye’s   understanding color makes him a more dynamic designer as everything he does comes out very elegant. the preciseness of the stitches in his design speaks volumes of his creativity.

According monye, to him culture evolves, if you check the outlook fof the design you will see what he means , the dress signals the combination between modern fashion and the cultural ideals expected of every African. like most of his clothing this particular collection speaks of royalty , made from asooke, the color selection still tenders the message each of his collections have been rendering

This particular dset of designs represents the richness of african culture, when ebuka wore it to live show of the nigerian big brother, we saw a king jaja of opobo walking ,,agestically on that stage and that was all thanks to monye.

The effortless kingly attributes attached to this clothing tends to suggest that the designer understands the Nigerian concept royalty as he displays   it with his elevating designs , there is no way you are going to wear his designs and not be uplifted , the cloth stems greatness.

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