Gucci Mane says Eminem is Not The Greatest Rapper Alive

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Couple of days ago  “Gucci mane” said that he thinks Eminem is not the king of rap, the Atlanta rapper made that assertion on Ricky smiley radio show when he was asked who he taught was the greatest rapper.

His response was “I know the king of rap, me!” when the hosts of the show suggested names, Gucci who was not impressed said.
“You’ve gotta come with a better name than that!” And then Eminem names was mentioned, he continued to say  “You’ve gotta come with a better name than that!” “I ain’t playing Eminem in my car! You play him in yours? You sliding around playing Eminem in your car with your old lady?”

The Atlanta rapper also crossed out Jay Z from the list because he’s not from Atlanta. “He from up top so that cancels him out to me. I’m from Atlanta, how am I going to say Jay Z? It would be dumb as hell!”

this is not the first time gucci is coming at Eminem, he was on Mariah Carey obsessed which was a diss track to emimen the song was released in 2009.

Gucci mane is an american rapper from Atlanta he has 12 studio albums and over 70 mix-taps to his credit.

He is credited to be one of those who pioneered the hip-hop sub genre “trap” also he has been an inspiration to a lot of Atlanta artist and music producers. His name has pop up in the success stories of a number of artist or record producers one of such is mike will, (mike will made it)

in another interview, gucci was quoted to have said that

“Who I didn’t help that’s got something going on right now, that’s what we should be saying. Everybody currently in Atlanta, I indirectly helped them or inspired them,” he said. “From them telling me that or me just knowing the back story… I always helped them get to a better situation.”

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