Health tips: Ways of preventing Insomnia

Although insomnia no standard go to medication like let’s caugh it is important to note that there are preventives measures that can help you to be insomnia free

  • Have a Good sleep habits, that is sleep at the right time and wake up at the right time . maintaining a good sleeping habit ensures you body response and helps in subduing mental disorders.
  • Stay active regularly,daily activities helps promote a good night sleep, that is to say if the body is busy it will automatically switch to resting mode at the right time but sleeping all day or lazying around won’t promote such habit.
  • Check your medications to see if there is any medicine that may be contributing to insomnia. Some drugs have side effects that are directly responsible for insomnia you are suffering from,
  • avoid the intake of caffeine, nicotine, especially late in the day. This is because Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants and can be used to suppress sleep ,this can hurt the quality of your sleep .
  • To burst the function of you body it is important that you exercise.angaging in exercise helps the body organs to function correctly.
  • Don’t eat aheavy meals late at night. Lite food ensures you sleep well, heavy meals can cause bad-dreams by the way

  • Ensure your room is condusive, a well kept home helps you to concentrate, sleeping in a messy enronmonment affects you your sleep, it is also harmful to your health to duel in a dirty room.
  • Have a relaxation routen, for instance you can get involved with yoga, or listen to slow music and reading etc to calm you mind or even sit and observe and appreciate nature.
  • you are married or you have a lover , being sexually active can burst your body machanization that that insomnia does not paralyze your day to day activities.

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