H&M Apologizes for Racially Insensitive Advertising

ITS NOT OKAY…. that’s how I feel about what the world thinks I should be and who I know I am, being black has been a gift and a curse lately but what it has not done yet is reduce me to a lesser human being.  I wish I am not harassed by police for being black, I wish jobs were readily available for me to compete for without worrying that am black, I wish I am not considered an animal just because I am black. I wish the word nigga and monkey only exist as only what they are and not what they stand for.

For those who have been on social media for the past two days you most have noticed a picture of a kid wearing a green hoody flying around with the inscription “coolest monkey in the jungle” am sure your eyes went open and the phrase “what the fuck” escaped you mouth if you not take a look at the picture bellow.

Image result for coolest money in the jungle

as harmless as it might seem to an outsider and as normal as it might be perceived by an insider, it is not okay. Monkeys and bananas have been used to racially downgrade the black man around the world most especially in soccer were fans throw bananas at black players from the opposition teams in an attempt to psychologically affect the game, some players left the game while others simply pilled and ate the banana thrown at them and continued the game, However the reaction was, the point here is that the term monkey and the black man is a sensitive.

watch as basalona player reacts to banana being thrown at him in the pitch.

source: CNN you-tube channel

But then the audacity of HM to market such foolishness says much about how far this world is behind, the first time I saw this picture It was on snoop dogs Instagram page and I was confused when I read a few comments calling snoop racist for simply disapproving of a couple of left handed ads. not to fall into the trap of reacting without calculating I checked the net and realized that a foolishness had been orchestrated by a fashion company and the parents to a fine young man. bellow are a few reactions by people

Image result for H&M apologises over 'racist' image of black boy in hoodie

Image result for H&M apologises over 'racist' image of black boy in hoodie

Although HM had issued an apology and promised to investigate what went wrong (we all know it’s a bad joke gone totally wrong) it seem to be too late because Already the weekend has severed his relationship with HM and artist like TI are already calling for boycott of HM products.

Image result for the week end sever relationship with hm over 'racist' image of black boy in hoodie cdni.rt.com

The vital lesson everyone needs to lean from this is respect, respect what you don’t know respect what you don’t feel don’t claim you know where it is suppose to hurt HM thought it was going to funny, they thought it was going to trend but the forgot that its 2018 and still institutional racism is very much in resistance.

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