How Would You Like To Be a Part of “Frogeck” the first animated film of its kind

Frogeck is the story of a friendly green alien with a powerful gift who lands accidentally in an orphanage home in Ibadan. While trying to get home, he teams up with the kids to save their orphanage from a ruthless villain. 

the animated feature film is being produced by anthill studios a multimedia facility and animation studio base in Lagos Nigeria. they are into visual media production and post-production.

if you have been following this project or just discovered it and you’ve wandered or you are wandering how to be a part of it, well ant hill studios have presented you with an opportunity to participate. check the participation list bellow and see where you money can place you.

you might want to check  “Frogeck” Nigeria’s First Animated Film To Be Released In English, French & Swahili.

Participation Options 
with 10,000 participation you get Digital Downloads (Wallpapers, Art-books and Frogeck Comics)
Website Wall of Fame
1 Cinema Ticket

50,000.00 offers you the following Digital Downloads (Wallpapers, Art-books and Frogeck Comics)
Website Wall of Fame
Ticket to World Premiere
5 Cinema Tickets
Associate Producer (Name in End Credit)

with 100,000.00 k  you get Digital Downloads (Wallpapers, Art-books and Frogeck Comics)
Website Wall of Fame
2 Tickets to World Premiere
10 Cinema Tickets
Producer (Name in End Credit)

1,000,000.00; if you deide to participate with a million you get Digital Downloads (Wallpapers, Art-books and Frogeck Comics)
Physical Copies of Frogeck Art-Books and Frogeck Comics
Executive Producer Credit
5 Tickets to World Premiere
Private Screening
Merchandise Kit
Website Wall of Fame

they are also open to studio collaboration, “We are open to working with external creatives, artists, musicians, studios and production houses on this film.”

There is an opening for  Brand Placement, check the frogeck website for moire information.

are you not yet convince to put you money or time on this people ? well check out their previous works. 

PLAYTHING (Animated short by Eri Umusu and Nurdin Momodu)

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