Huawei’s own operating system could be ready this year

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reports coming from CNBC’s Arjun Kharpal suggest that Huawei will soon dish out its operating system for users, this decision by huawei to unveil its operating system is coming barely days after Donald trump banned US companies from doing business with them.

  • while reacting to the news, CNBC reporter Arjun Kharpal admitted that the emergence of a new operating system in the market can help diversifying the market, he also admitted that huawei will be facing a difficult task as it will need to convince developers to start coding software for the new operating system. even though the company has said that it has been working on a contingency plan, it is important to note that huawei needs to create an entirely new ecosystem that is independent from google for it to be able to survive, this is because google has placed a ban on huawei in accordance to the executive order byvthe commander in chief . you can read more by clicking here 

note that the probability that huawei has been working on its operating system before this trade tussle began is high, expect the unexpected….



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