“I love her” from the collection the book of sheila

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I Love Her is a poem from the collection of the free eBook called the book of sheila a link will be attached at the end of this post.

One shot to the sights of ages past; Memories left on the lucid thrill of love’s fast. Under the moonlit sway; the damned respite, Throttles forth the sweet old day of loves’ own spite, I am a lover who has lost his fight.

Tickle down my fancy to your sweet embrace, Draw from love’s ecstasy; a grand old place; Desire softly murdered in its simple gait, As vanity softly hangs it’s doubtful faith; And I do ask a lot of my love’s fate.

Swift with the agony; lowly the tale, Stuck in the bottle and its fairytale. There was love without a doubt; In many moons; we were its cloud, But darling, I cannot love you when I am out.


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