Imam Of Peace Rejected A Pre-Recorded Interview With Channels tv

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the imam of peace, a man who has gained a reputation for him self on tweeter  for fearlessly telling the truth and dragging those he feels are being deceitful has stated that channels TV a local television station in Nigeria wanted to conduct an interview with him and the deal was it was going to be prerecorded, this interview invitation came after the imam started trending on tweeter , the imam had earlier on directed his attention  on Muhammad Buhari,

the imam rejected that idea because he felt the station were trying to avoid being boxed to the corner by the imam, in the tweet he shared, the imam of peace included a video where he was arguing with a Muslim cleric about the idea killing being in the Muslim holy book. note that channels TV had been accused of flirting with the powers that role Nigeria, so it is safe to say that the imam felt that  the television station wanted to control the narrative by prerecording the interview. in the tweet he shared, the imam wrote that;

“Nigerian TV channels want to interview me. I agreed on the condition they interview me LIVE. They all said no. They want to pre-record it. This means 2 things: They have a dirty agenda or that Buhari is a dictator. Or both. Because there’s big a cost for lying to me on LIVE TV”

also he tweeted that “President Buhari and his cult are coming after me instead of going after Boko Haram. This shows you the real agenda of #PresidentCovik and the Covik cult”

responding to the attacks he was getting from some buhari appologist the imam of peace shared the screen shoot of what Nigerians truely felt about the president and his cabal

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