Is Black Panther The First Super Hero Film Or Blade ?

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To say black panther is not the first super hero film ever produced FOR THE CULTURE  black an African american director  is an erroneous statement. categorizing the film Blade by Wesley snipes wont be fair to either of the films because the films where  all are good for the purpose the where made for.

There are online arguments about this very statement with people suggesting that in fact Blade was the first supper hero film done with a black as the protagonist, while one might be tempted to accept such suggestions it is important to note that blade is a film done in the vampire film era and features a black man as the alpha male who destroys evil in a bit to humanity, Black Panther on the other hand is a full blown super hero film with flying protagonist that can get a child excited.

These two films are held so dearly by the black community but what stands black panther out is the use of relate-able theme both by Africans and African Americans.

the film is set around icons and motive familiar to west and central Africa, it encapsulates the wealth language and lifestyle of the said region. The west African population are highly traditional and undisputed rich (unfortunately the crop politicians they have are only dedicated to destroying everything). The movie highlighted the fact that black nations are rich and technologically advancing, the story technically shows the power struggle consistently taking place in Africa and making mild suggestions on how to fix such problems faced by Africans.The film is not only an entertainment piece it is a statement established on the premise of power and will to make a deference and indeed the change will come.

ON THE OTHER HAND Blade evolved into a trilogy, with 2002’s Blade II by Guillermo del Toro and 2004’s Blade: Trinity, directed by Goyer. The film also arguably set the stage for bigger superhero movies, like 2000’s X-Men, 2002’s Spider-Man, and 2005’s Batman Begins to truly get the superhero train  read more from  here grossed $131 million worldwide, allowing Marvel to survive into the new millennium. 

 Blade is an entertainment piece that proves beyond reasonable doubt that a black man can succeed in any genre of film even as the lead character and some how it is seen as the an iconic super hero films of its kind.

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