Jidena’s fashion sense is a Parallel to his music #fantastic

Jidena is an american/Nigerian rapper known for his “classic man” song and his classic fashion sense. He was burn in Wisconsin and letter moved to Nigeria as a toddler, his family moved back to america during the military era. the amazing rapper was a school teacher before becoming famous. He thought in new York city public school. He studied engineering while in collage.

Jidenna is well known for his distinct rap skill and a more distinct choice of fashion. The rappers clothing are a consistent red carpet favorite. He loves infusing colorful Ankara materials to what ever he wears. He also loves  fitted suits that look like something from the 90s and most of his suits come in bright colors and oh, he loves wearing the chief cap..

So in a bit to understand the rappers fashion sense, we went online and stumbled on this interview he did with  (www.esquire.com) in the interview, the rapper  said that he started thrifting because it was  expensive to buy something reasonable to wear especially hip hop clothing.

“I think that necessity often times dictates creativity. I used to go thrifting because I couldn’t keep up even with the hip hop fashion. A cap is $30, you can get a pair of jeans for like $100, and then some t-shirts cost like $50-60. I got tired of it so I started thrifting. Through thrifting, I found a lot of suits for very, very cheap and I paid tailors to customize them to fit me.”

indeed nessesity dictates creativity, jidena’s growth in the highly populated hip hop industry sets him out not only because of his classic man song but because he is practicing what he had preached. his fashion sense thus far has placed him amongst the fashionable rappers around the globe.
What is most amazing about the rapper is that his unique fashion is not over shadowing the fact that he is a good artist who does the will smith kind of hip hop.

Jidena  is now an iconic figure not only because the over 180milliom Nigerian population that is behind him but because he has been able to let his outfit speak volume about where he is coming from. when you look at his outfits, you will see that he infuses a certain level of african-ness into it,  the nineties flavor is also a factor for the popularity of his clothing.
Most of jidena’s  clothing are colorful especially the ankara designs Ankara.

Exploring more from the interview, jidena said that “As that evolved, I started designing bespoke suits, but it all came out of not really being able to afford it as a young man and as a broke artist at the time. That’s the beauty of it though, when you don’t have things you make due with what you do have and create something special out of it.”

when asked “So most of the stuff you wear, is it custom” he responded “Yeah, most of it is. I have a great team. Whippa Wiley, my manager and creative director, co-designs pretty much everything that you’re seeing. I also work with a designer named Eleanor who works on the accessories like the pocket squares and the ties and whatnot. We do a lot of the core designs in-house.”

jidena is an icon already, he has proven to us that with little a lot can be achieved. what better way to be a classic man ?
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