You are currently viewing Layton’s hip hop hits 1.2 million views in twe weeks

Layton’s hip hop hits 1.2 million views in twe weeks

the rap emigma whose presence in the just concluded big brother house proved that staying true to what you are can take you places,
the rapper became the peoples favorite the moment he walked into the big brother house.

Hos presence in the house was filled with exciting and dramatic moment but he broke multiple records and created a lasting impression on a lot of people.

the artist made it clear that he did not see gimself wining, rather he went into the house to promote his music even of it was for the first two weeks but God had different plans for him.

Alot might say he gained pity votes which helped him to win I most say this is highly unlikely, we feel his success was as a result of the genius he displayed through the vast knowledge he possesed and his attitude towards many things.

The rappid growth and overwhelming love he is experiencing is a result of hard work and dedication, this can be seen in the efforts he has put in to ensure he promotes his music and also do other things.

just two weeks ago he released the video to one of his songs which became one of his hits while still in the big brither house and to the surprise of many fans and well wishers the video hits the million views mark and its exceding it with an additional 200k, the video was directed by boy director who is also a very good friend and fan of laycon.

As we anticipate more good things from this amazing good people ambassador we encourage you to stream this music and download the mp3 and enjoy what peoole have been enjoying.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Laycon-Ft.-Deshinor-Hiphop

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