LOVE IS A RIVER Wht-Literature

Love is a stream
Of affections
Needing the rain
To stay its depth,
The drought is a killer,
Love is a river.
Love is an ocean
Saddled with rifts
The sharks consume at the behest of blood
Lurking like a charmless shadow,
A war torn against itself,
Love is a river.
Love is the sea
Of waters rushing
All receiving
A hungry zeal,
Love is a river.
What would I not give?
For a whiff of your kiss,
The tender clasp
Of your gentle hands
Running softy
On my shivering palms
As we lay beneath
The gazing moon
All rush and haste
I run
But I always run to you.
Away from the love that scares me
The bother of not deserving you.
A chanced trophy
Gracing my wall of shame
Glistening all my faults
Without reproach.
Your eyes are fire
 They burn the lies.
I act like I love
But I loved you
Deeper than the depths of an oceans mysteries
Your heart sets deep in my mind.
I ran against my own shadow
Till I ran into you.
I love you like sunsets peace
Seducing the hardships of day
May this love rest,
Under the bosom of your kiss
Love is a river
Now I know
And like rivulets
We are meant for something more.
I cannot take your heart
I’d rather you have mine,
For love gives
And I am learning from my own lies
That I could be a thousand faces
But my one true love
 Is you!!!


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