Michael Jackson “Leaving Neverland” Doc did Oprah betray Micheal Jackson?

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With the turn of event surrounding leaving Neverland and the purported falsehood of the documentary, billionaire media person Oprah Winfrey has reportedly distant herself from the documentary.

Oprah deleted her After Neverland interviews Which featured Wade Robson and James Safechuck
from her personal YouTube page.

Fans who reacted to this news suggested she, HBO, the director and anyone involved should be sued. they also called her a traitor for not protecting her friend and a fellow black person.

Earlier this month, the director of the documentary leaving Neverland which aired on HBO Dan Reed, admitted that James Safechuck’s story doesn’t exactly add up.

The documentary was detailing Michael Jackson’s alleged history of sexual abuse with safechucks at the center of the whole drama. After Leaving Neverland aired on HBO, fans and family did not hesitate to air out their views about what they felt was character assassination of a man who isn’t alive to defend himself, This renewed interest in Michael Jackson’s past cast a limelight to the narrative of the two accusers and people began to express doubt in both Wade Robson and James Safechuck’s stories,

Newhiphop.cim wrote that ” Safechuck alleges that he was abused between 1988 and 1992, saying that one of the incidents took place at the Neverland Train Station. However, the train station was only built in 1993. After Dan Reed pulled a U-turn on his personal stance, it seems HBO may be having second thoughts too”

so what do you think about this drama that is unfolding ?

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