Moghalu leaves YPP, And Demands electronic voting in 2023

    • Without electoral reform which includes electronic voting,our democracy will remain weak
    • Nigeria today is approaching its moment of reckoning. We need to focus on solving our problems at their root causes.
    • If we fix our elections /give our democracy real meaning, our youth will have no excuses not to vote,

the 2019 election was largely considered the biggest scam of the 21 century in the history of Nigerians by some quarters, while others felt it was the most standard election. where ever you stand, you can not deny that,the election saw our professors becoming a joke because of some simple plus and minus a calculator would have done. to say it was embarrassing is an understatement. but then we do not blame them, they had to poop numbers they could not defend (you could check videos online for reference if you doubt.)

many political analyst have stated that if the electronic voting and transmission of result was implemented, the present government wont have returned but then we can not deny the fact that it does have a strong following, these are people whose support can not be questioned. talk about the northern man with the kins man ideology or the southwest man with its 2023 agenda, left to wander what is going on is the south-eastern man who is considered not fit to run Nigeria or the middle belt that is politically backwards. what basically we have realized thus far is that without real electoral reforms we are doomed. in a recent tweet by @MoghaluKingsley he noted that;

“Without electoral reform which includes electronic voting, our democracy will remain weak.Let’s fix this before 2023…..Please join our non-partisan movement  Partisan politics won’t fix this problem. To this end, I’ve resigned my membership of”@YPPNational”

as a nation we presently can not trust the judiciary because they are active actors in the bid to destroy democracy in Nigeria. we can trust our thumb print because some of us are willing to sell for as low as 1000 naira. the blame game is not also stopping anytime soon, the earlier the youths realized that its our feature that is being played with the better. just like kingsley said   “We need to focus on solving our problems at their root causes”

many believe that the struggle to fix the electioneering process in Nigeria can not be neglected just because of a few, the believe Nigeria has the population to demand for change, but then how can we when we when 70% of our population feel what we are going through is normal. in another of his series of tweets, moghalu wrote that

if at all we believe in one Nigeria then real unity should be the model we will use to fix nigeria, let people who are capable and willing do the job Nigeria is not anybodies play ground we need to man up///woman up too

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