NASIR – The Film by NAS Will Make You Appreciate NASIR the Album

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after the release of the album NASIR by the undisputed legend NAS many people did not give the project the props it deserved, this might been due to the outrage the producer of the album might have caused when he said that slavery was a choice. he was labeled sick and a disappointment to the black community for suggesting that slavery was a choice, but at the end of the day he ended up producing the most creative project of 2018.

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now if you had listened to the album without understanding what NAS was trying to say then i bet this video is a most watch for you because it brings a whole new perspective to the album.

As it appears the album/film is doing exactly what NAS had intended, check the comment made by some fans, a certain prince Nathaniel wrote that;

“No disrespect to any other race,,, but GOD it feels GOOD TO BE BLACK!!!! They scared of us!!!! That’s why they always tryna diss us and bring us down,, and we still remain so humble,, GOD made us like this for a reason!!!!”

Honesty first  also wrote, “To say Nas is deep, is an understatement. To say he is insightful, is an embellishment on this young lions talent. This is what men are made of. This is how we evolve! Through education. Knowledge! Now, watch it again”

Jason Reyes also wrote “I just want my kids to have the same peace im blessed with..”He is talking about his kids having knowledge, wisdom and understanding. If thats not deep then i give up”

another comment from Phranciz Dann goes like “Now that’s some real, meaningful rap.Not the mumbo jumbo rap rappers of this age are dishing out. RESPECT to Nas”

enough talk already just watch and comment in the comment section.

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