Netflix and World Domination “Nigeria,India and the middle east”

in an effort to conquer the world , Netflix is making or rather taking a huge risk by investing its time and resources in “Nigeria, India and the middle east” these three industries have their market value and big money can be made if you know how  so as it is, Netflix might have found the best way to milk the cow.

Just some few weeks ago,  Nollywood was  raving with excitement over Netflix’s acquisition of Genevieve Nnaji’s  movie titled “Lion Heart” with lots of stars congratulating the actress turn director. the  Nigerian film has a few films  on Netflix but what stands this particular project out is that “it is the first original Nollywood film to be bought by the American movie streaming platform” and not through a distributor like irokotv.

it has been speculated that “Netflix might have paid $3 million to own exclusive rights to the  production.”

synopsis: Running a company can be challenging, especially if you are a female in a male-dominated industry. Looking to prove her worth, Adaeze steps up to the challenge when her father, Chief Ernest Obiagu is forced to take a step back due to health issues. Ironically, he appoints his crude and eccentric brother, Godswill, instead to run the company with his young daughter. Complications arise when they discover that the family business is in dire financial straits and both Adaeze and Godswill try to save the company in their own way to crazy and often hilarious results.

Jinn’, Its First Series In Arabic

Variety reported that, the streaming giant (Netflix) has officially begun work on Jinn, it is said to be the  very first fiction series from Jordan. it was also reported that Filming began on Monday August 13 in Amman, the capital of the country, reported that;  Jinn will focus on “a group of teenagers whose relationships will be severely tested when supernatural forces start to interfere with their daily lives”  also, “The heroine of the show is Mira, a rebellious schoolgirl devastated by the death of her mother who finds comfort in the arms of Keras.  But the boy turns out to be a jinn, a supernatural creature from Arab mythology”

there are a lot of factors that might have lead to the inclusion of Arab in the web of coverage for Netflix but is important to note that; “The series was commissioned several months after analysts noticed that the lack of local and Arab-language productions was hindering the development of Netflix” 

Netflix’s First Indian Horror Series

after receiving critical acclaim for  its first Indian fiction series, Sacred Games” which was  launched on July 6, the streaming platform is set to continue its work india on the series  “Ghoul” 

there are three episodes (with no specified length ), the story line is build around   Nida Rahim  a newly hired interrogator who is sent to  a secret detention center to question terrorists, but  realizes that some of them aren’t really from this world. so she most struggle to survive. 

the series  is co-produced by Phantom Films, and Blumhouse Productions, , including the film release is set  for August 24, 




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