You are currently viewing Nicki Minaj shares her amazing baby bump pictures

Nicki Minaj shares her amazing baby bump pictures

Music rap super star Nicki Minaj just shared amazing baby bump pictures of her pregnancy, this may be a surprise to some of her fans but those who have been following might have known about it even before this explosive pictorial announcement.

A few weeks back While answering a tweet by a fan, the rapper suggested that she has been having nausea and has been peeing non stop. She also wrote “Omg what do u think this means guys???? Lmaooooooooooo”

Nicki Minaj and her husband have been married since October 22, 2019. It was a secret event which she made public by Sharing a short video of matching Bride and Groom hats and mugs, with the caption “Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty 10.

The rapper who has been away from public eyes decided on July 20th 2020 to inform the world that she is heavy and expecting. The rapper who has been married for over a year now posted the following pictures with the following caption.

Love. Marriage. Baby carriage. Overflowing with excitement & gratitude. Thank you all for the well wishes. πŸ’›

A year ago while announcing her marital status she stated that

“I’ve decided to retire & have my family. I know you guys are happy now. She also placed a request to her fans, she said “To my fans, keep reppin me, do it til da death of me, X in the box- cuz ain’t nobody checkin me. Love you for LIFE.”

It was gathered that Back in June 2019 Nicki and her husband obtained a marriage licence ” before any kind of marrital commitment a couple must get a licence before walking down the aisle in the US.

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