Nigerian Kids Dance Group “Dream Catchers” Get thumps Up from Cardi B

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Dream Catchers are young dancers under the care of Seyi Oluyole,who provides them education to shelter who uses and to make the process enjoyable and memorable seyi encourages the kids to dance.

the effort the have been putting might seems to be paying off as thye group recently pervfomed at BBK’s Homecoming concert. and now they have gootten a seal of approval from cardi b for their energetic performance to her song with bruno mars “Please Me”
in a post she published on her social media handle “instagram she wrote;


“I want to thank Dream Catchers for always showing love and sending me sweet videos. It makes me soo happy to see kids loving me and even knowing me and enjoying my music from across the world.

Follow them if ya ever want to feel motivated and want a smile on your face! These kids are always full of life and energy.”

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