Nigerian rapper kahli abdu is celebrated by MI abaga as he marries his beautiful wife

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Nigerian rapper kahli abdu is celebrated by MI abaga as he marries his beautiful wife at a private event.

Kahli is an American based Nigerian rapper, producer,singer and DJ, known for his collaborations with MI abaga,jessye jags, ice prince, Eve urrah and a host of other Nigerian artist.

Abdu is known to be a top spitter whose love for fela related samples resulted in a whole project which he called “ministry of corruption”. Ministry of corruption as the name implies addresses alot of issues, one of these is the corrupt state of the nation, that album gained him so much love within the country

He is also known to have a soulful vocal when he sings, that is to say kahli is a talented artist who can rap,dj,produce and sing.

Water by kahli abdu ft Eve urrah

On the 29th of December, the artist shared pictures if what seemed to be a private, and in the pictures we see clearly that he has finally taken the next step by saying I do. This development came as a surprise to friends and fans, jude(MI) reacted to the post by dropping a comment to celebrate with his friends in this new journey. The comment reads;

Congratulations brother!!! this is big big news mi

Kahli abdu’s career as a rapper saw him breaking grounds with amazing tracks that proved he was a force to be recken with, he was considered one of the best rappers in Nigeria whose lyrical genius can not be toiled with.

But For the past few months Kahli abdu has been actively DJing in america, this new found passion lead to speculations that he has left the music industry. Also before he started his DJing skills, kahli abdu started singing, the rapper was able to make alternative afro songs that captured the hearts of his fans.

While making the announcement of his change of status, abdu wrote that ;

On behalf of my beautiful wife and my entire family, I wish you a happy festive season and pray for the peace and love of God for you and yours in 2021 and beyond. Allah muna cewa mun gode ✨❤️

As we celebrate this new union,we recomend you share this post in celeration of the rappers new found journey. Congratulations kahli abdu

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