“Frogeck” Nigeria’s first animated film to be released in English, French & Swahili.

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when a Nigerian sets out to do positive damage there is no living organism that can stop him (except GOD), and just when Nigeria is written off for one bad news or the other, heroes emerge to save its name.

its not really always about a president that might or might not have a waec certificate (secondary school leaving certificate), its not also always about corrupt politicians with no sympathy for the poor.  it is about that moment when history is made, when boundaries and records are broken, it is that moment when the rest of the world stands and give an applause for what we have been able to do.

our narrative as a country should not always revolve around negativity, it should be  about the vision that a group of men and women  have, it should be  about that moment when all falls in place and the result of determination begins to manifest. frogeck is that kind of news that should emerge out of Nigeria.

Frogeck is the story of a friendly green alien with a powerful gift who lands accidentally in an orphanage home in Ibadan. While trying to get home, he teams up with the kids to save their orphanage from a ruthless villain. in the about section of frogeck website, the creators wrote, “Frogeck is Anthill’s first animated feature and Nigeria’s first animated film to be released in English, French & Swahili.” the animated shot film is directed by Nurdin Momodu. story by Niyi akinmolayan. 

checking the teaser of frogeck, i am most attracted to the detail in the 3D environment and how fantastic i think the sound is and i do hope the final work does impress me on the aspects i just mentioned because that is actually what animation is all about. i mean you cant have a good environment and a shiity audio or vice versa.

the project is being engineered by anthill studios a multimedia facility and animation studio base in Lagos Nigeria. they are into visual media production and post-production. 

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