The clouded rays
Of mystery’s root,
Has grown like sails
On my uneven sketch.
I draw these uncanny lines
Pictures of an unseen you,
You’re art,
You’re mystery,
You are a muse.
The elegant pout of your lips,
They glow in the nascent dark,
Willing me to a kiss,
The maddening rush of love’s release.
Your eyes stare,
At my despair,
Beautiful hope they bear,
The look of love underneath,
It’s rounded shiny stare.
Your skin recites,
The tales of the African glee,
You’re a queen, ebony free,
Glowing in the wave of the suns glare,
You take my eyes every day.
You’re many dreams untold,
You’re grace and heavenly charm.
I know you a lot, but not enough
To know my dreams and my thoughts are you.
You are mystery in the way,
I know you
When I don’t
How I see your beauty
But hardly see you.
You’re a cloud of beautiful imperfection
Perfect enough
To wrestle me free,
Into love’s realm.
I draw these lines,
Pictures of you,
With words.
Till I could say,
You are the voice in my head.
You’re a muse.

But I wait at this window
Where hope meets beauty,
With all good reward
I hope to love
The beautiful shades of you.
By Elijah Abuni Peter
Photo Credit; Shitnaan

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