Rapsody replies Cardi B says “ones always rise”

following cardi b outburst over the lack of media support to some female rappers whom she said do not rap about the kind of things she raps about (sexual lyrical content). the rapper had insinuated that the industry could look towards the direction of other female rappers who do not rap about p*ssy and sucking d*ck, this singular action might placed cardi b in a good space as  one of the rappers she had mentioned reacted to the love shown to her by sharing an Instagram post, the Instagram post she wrote the following’

“ones always rise. Stay your authentic self always, @iamcardib !! People ask me about the state of Hip Hop and women in it all the time….my answer is always it’s BEAUTIFUL! There are sooooo many dope ladies rockin! To the sisterhood….keep doing YOU….there’s room for us all! And space to show love. It doesn’t dim your light to see the light in others. To our folk….know our power….the culture moves thru us. Mad love always!! – Rap”

also check out the video she posted

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