Reading Achebe’s Essays by “Ogochukwo Umeadi”

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If you’ve been reading Achebe without reading his essays, you’re sitting on a long thing.

A very, long, long thing.

I don’t need to tell you that he is cerebral.

His genius is universally acclaimed. You don’t bear the father of African literature for nothing.

However, to understand the extent of his “cerebral-ness”, you need to read his essays.

I read one, Impediments to dialogue between North and South, today and I was genuflecting at the depth of this man.

I’ve read writers and I have read writers.

Achebe is one with unassailable genius and “ginger”.

Reading his fictional works, you’ll think that’s the extent of his intelligence, but reading his non-fictional works, you’ll marvel at his critical eye, courage, bluntness and “wicked” acerbic wit.

Sometimes, I ask myself: “You sure say na only first degree this guy get?”

But then, a degree is not knowledge. Neither is it intelligence, nor wisdom.

If you’ve not read any of his essays, it’s “morning, yet on creation day” to start.

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