Rwanda launches Satellite, It Hopes Provide Internet To Rural Schools

In a bit to bridge the gap between the urban and rural communities in Rwanda, the Rwandan government has made an attempt to make available for “most” or “all”of its citizens an equal internet access.

The Ministry of ICT and Innovation Ms Paula Ingabire was quoted to have said.

“We are delighted to partner with OneWeb in this transformative initiative which presents us a huge opportunity to leverage satellite connectivity, using OneWeb’s constellation, providing low-latency and high-speed internet to schools in remote communities of Rwanda,”

OneWeb, is a UK based global communications company, which has successfully sent its first six initial satellites into low-earth orbit, one of which is expected to provide broadband internet to remote communities in Rwanda.

“Launching #Icyerekezo tonight is a symbol of #Rwanda’s continued efforts in spearheading uptake and adoption of technologies for sustainable development in the country and on the continent. Follow live feed tonight @rbarwanda at 23:37

— MINICT | Rwanda (@RwandaICT) February 27, 2019
#Rwanda and @OneWeb partner to launch #Icyerekezo satellite (named by students from Nkombo Island), to connect schools in remote areas to the internet. Please watch the launch live @rbarwanda on Wednesday 27/02/2019, at 23:37.— MINICT | Rwanda (@RwandaICT) February plans 019

The launched satellite is nicknamed icyerkezo by the student from nkombi island.

The country hopes to use OneWeb’s communication constellation, to provide low-latency and high-speed internet to schools in remote communities of Rwanda, and indeed other undeserved areas in Rwanda. The Ministry of ICT and Innovation Ms Paula Ingabire projected that it would take about 2 billion dollars to extend the traditional fiber network to Nkombo. The country is optimistic that with the help of the satellite, the cost of internet connectivity will significantly drop.

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The Ministry of ICT and Innovation Ms Paula Ingabire

Also new times reports that, Rwanda plans to launch more satellite into the orbit before the end of this year in partnership with them Japanese government. Rwanda intends to become a regional technology innovation hub, it hopes to open new pathways for connectivity and while doing so, they hope to provide better education for their citizens and create new opportunities for innovators

Greg Wyler, OneWeb’s Founder and Chairman noted that;

“We are delighted to partner with the Rwandan Government and particularly the students of Nkombo. The connectivity we can provide them will allow them to realize their dreams and allow Rwanda to become a hub for technological innovation,”

As expected with any cyber enabled community, more jobs and access to information will be at the finger tips of Rwandans it is also going to burst interaction.

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