Say Hello To Living At The Speed Of Light With Pouvoir 4!

the buzz is on maximum high! Why? It comes with a 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM. So, let’s take a quick trip to school. You see; the more memory your phone has, the better the user experience. And that’s because the higher the Random-Access Memory, the faster the performance of a phone, and the higher the Read Only Memory (in built storage), the more data your phone can store. Which then means that the phone can load more data for processing and thus save you more time as well as give you comfortable storage space.


Since RAM decides the speed of processing apps, games, programs, the 3G RAM especially makes sense now considering the numerous new apps and faster web browsing experience of today. With that much RAM, your phone will be able to run multiple apps at the same time without causing any delays.

Now what is an android phone without powerful displays? With Pouvoir’s 3G RAM, you can put dull, slightly blurry displays where they belong – in the past, never to be seen again. And that is because it affords you a pristine clean graphics content just like you need it, and faster too. That isn’t all. With 32G+3G big memory Pouvoir 4 is especially made for the best gaming experience with the smoothest experience during gaming.


You know how remembering, memorizing and having to change passwords can be a dicey game? With this 3GB RAM mobile phone, you can rest easy because it supports fingerprint sensor technology smoothly. This way, you can lock and unlock your phones and apps with your finger. So much faster.

The Pouvoir 4 offers more than the Finger print sensor. It also has a 7” drop display, 13MP AI Quad Camera, Dual Speakers Stereo Sound. These features and more come together to give the best movie and music experience, the best gaming experience and even the best vlog experience

Only a phone with more RAM can handle all of these without dragging and in turn frustrating the user. And that is what Pouvoir 4 does; it offers you a lot at the speed of light. So why don’t you come on the Pouvoir 4 speed of light side of life; It’s so easy and stress free that you literally breeze through life.

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