Short film: UNPROTECTED Written & Produced by Kiki Omeili

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Unprotected is a short film Directed by Stanlee Ohikhuare and written & produced by leading Nollywood Actress Kiki Omeili.
it tells the story a  woman whose husbands promiscuity infected their little daughter with HIV ,the daughter  was going through surgery after being involved in an accident as she was trying to get help for her pregnant mother.
The film is a compelling story based on true events and stars Kiki Omeili, Eric Didie, Blessing Ambrose, Bimbo Ademoye, Nathan Kingsley and more…technically the story is refreshing it handled it was told exclusively from the main characters perspective but what am concern with is the fact that the information was not enough more should have been down.

looking through the you tube comments the following comment caught my attention
Stephanie Kei Great job Kiki! Loved u since Lekki housewives. This story was a great idea and is very real but as we spread information about HIV we must also give the right info. For example, babies born to HIV positive mothers can go on to live healthy, seronegative lives if some steps are taken- I feel your movie should have pointed that out. People who have been raped or transfused with unsafe blood can also get post-exposure prophylaxis within 72hrs of the exposure so there was some chance for Jonah’s daughter. Also I doubt if any hospital worth its salt(a few are not, sadly) will transfuse untested blood, not just because of the risk of infection but because of the possibility of transfusion reaction. Now that one of us is in the limelight, we must do well to portray scenarios and story lines that are as close to the real and current medical situations as possible. xoxo

cherifatou Stephanie Kei I think she was telling the story as it happened then. Thx for the info but I don’t think that was the goal of this video. But I’m sure many will appreciate your comment.

it is appropriate to note that the story was a true event but then since it is advocating for awareness more should have been done to get as much information out there. besides there is no role that says you cant body up a true event that has the lapses of our humanity if making the story spotless will help info people then why not?

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