So 6ix9nine is not all gangster as he looks?

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As they say never judge a book by its cover seems 6ix9ne is a nice young man after all.Scotch touch the producer well known for producing the song make it rain posted the video bellow on his Instagram.

The video shows the artist visiting a terminally sick kid at the hospital the video suggest that he spent the day with the kid. I discovered this video on Mr Scotch’s timeline he also wrote that;

“the heart of a person never lies @6ix9ine ! Be a genuine person no matter who you are and you will be the best you can be ! Experience in life has taught me that”

It is a good thing if an artist gives back to the community, its not always about taking and taking the love should be reciprocated and 6ix9ine seems to understand that perfectly well. this ideology is the reason why chance the rapper stands out amongst other rappers6ix9ine is a generous artist, a very happy giver. the string of videos on his Instagram changed my perception of him, I had always thought he was a wild individual who does not know what to do with the fortune at his disposal but not anymore

We just hope he is saving for the rainy day.

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