The Pros And Cons Of Tiwa Savages New Deal With Universal Music Group

Tiwa Savage joined don jazzy’s Mavin’s record 7 years ago when Mo’Hits Records was shutdown,. During her stay at mavin, tiwa savage was considered the first lady of the music label. joining universal music group, tiwa savage will enjoy a wide variety of opportunities the record publishing company offers, that being said, here are some of the pros and cons we considered.

– they have one of the best publishing and distribution model in the game and are also spread across the world. this means more world wide coverage for her and with the marketing team at universal and tiwa’s hard work,tiwa is sure going to be a world wide phenomenon.

– secondly, she will have access to her international label mates should she decide she wants to feature them, since universal is in the business of making profits they will make it happen. even if it is jay z she wants they can make it happen because,  jay z record label Roc nation is signed to universal music group in other words it is the mother company that his label is affiliated to.

– with universal music group tiwa savage stands the chance to have her music featured on films and other mediums universal music group see fit,  the end result means  more money for her.

– with her international signing, tiwa savage will definitely have more endorsement coming her way.and because she is signed to an international company she will have more bargaining power.

– with artist like Davido,Wizkid and Burner boy breaking the barriers tiwa savage will definitely have an easy ride with universal backing, beside she used to be a song writer and a back up singer in america so this is not an unfamiliar battle ground for her.

– tiwa savage has an already established African market thanks to the 7 years she spent with mavin, now the bulk of work would be a world wide acceptance and that is typically where most Nigerians get it wrong, most times when the get deals with record companies abroad they tend to go out of their way to please the new audience but what they don’t realize is that this new audience they are craving for, are also craving for the kind of sound (African artist)  bring. take for example davido’s first attempt at the international market thing, he produced an EP that did not do well with Nigerians and Africans even though he had the fantastic tinashe on one of the tracks.
because that was not the davido they knew, that effort went unnoticed. but when he came back and did the song “if” it became one of the biggest songs out of Africa in 2017 fast forward to 2019 davido is on the bill board and he is filling up big venues in England and other parts of the world. so if universal or tiwa savage don’t follow the example of davido they will surely loose.

– i do not not know the nature of her deal with universal music, but it might be a publishing deal or a record deal either ways we know that she will be sharing some percentages with the publishing company, not that she was not doing so with mavin, the method that will be applied in this case might be different. it is possible they might even own her masters because that is the nature of the industry today, record companies would prefer to own the right to your publishing so they can make as much as possible from your records, they will make money from your record sales, song writing royalty etc so knowing that tiwa savage is going to universal technically as a new comer her deal might not be to her favor in the long term sense . since even artist like kanye west do not own their masters am sure tiwa savage wont. but i hope she does.

– having creative control over your work is important, so i guess this is were both parties need to get it right if universal tries to change tiwa savages sound the might risk loosing the fan base she has in African especially Nigeria a country that does not hesitate to throw away an artist and grab a new one as their favorite darling. so in their attempt to get her accepted by the international community they should work on keeping her present fan base to if not her career will sleep off.

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